Exhibition: Tropism
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Tropism: Commonwealth vs. Joshua Davis
Tropism is a term used to describe the movement of a plant in response to an external stimulus. For this exhibition Commonwealth created a fluid vase in which we employed many of the techniques we discovered through earlier models for the Orphan Series.

Through an ongoing relationship with Boehm Porcelain, a historic ceramic studio which has a long history of creating porcelain sculpture for the U.S. White House, to work with us on the translation of our SLA models to a fine bone Porcelain. This production method was an attempt to leverage techniques and processes natural to computation while combining that with the precision of a timeless material output. Illustrations by Joshua Davis were printed as sheets of ceramic paint which were fired in to the surface of each bespoke vase.

The Tropism vases were made as an edition of 21 and have appeared in exhibitions at Design Miami, Siggraph 2008 in Los Angeles, and most recently at 'Fragiles' in Dubai.

Material: Porcelain. Limited series of 21.
Producer: Boehm Porcelain.
Exhibition: June 2007.

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