Exhibition: On/Off
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On/Off : Commonwealth vs. Build An Exhibition curated by Maxalot and presented at the Espeis Gallery New York in June of 2006. On/Off was an experiment in which the traditional relationship between a print and its frame could be merged into a seamless, singular artwork.
Graphic prints were created by Michael C. Place (Build, UK) and a frame was designed by Commonwealth. Vectors from Place's prints were extended, projected and extracted from the surface of Commonwealth's frame creating a work which speaks as much about relationships as it does about tools. Produced first in an arctic white Corian for the Maxalot-currated exhibition, and later as a limited series of ultra-black Richlite (shown here). This collaborative exhibition became the first in a series of three in which Commonwealth participated, titled 'The Vs. series'.
Exhibition: June 2006.

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