Residence: Rosedale.
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For this apartment, carefully contemplated details drive the design. A simple layout of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a generous living space, are packed into 1200 sq ft of a 1957 free plan apartment unit.
A main hallway serves as the driving force around the design intent, drawing an axis from window to wall .
Located in the historic neighborhood of Rosedale in Toronto, Canada, the forested setting belies its proximity to the central intersection of the city and its location as a midpoint between two busy subway stops.
Frameless doors, folding beds, and adaptable cabinetry serve as a purposefully minimal backdrop to a collection of Cmmnwlth lighting and furniture pieces.
Completion Date 02.15

++Project Credits++
Design Team
- Cmmnwlth, Zoe Coombes & David Boira
Construction and Detail Consultation
- Autoforma ( Robert J. Mezquiti )
- Jorge Bernal
Construction Management
- Bozco & Verity Inc.
HVAC Systems
-Zehnder Rittling
Fabrication and millwork consultant

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