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'Design in Spain' May 2009 ID Magazine.-

While Snr. Boira and I don't actually live there we find the history of Spain, and Catalunya in particular, to be such rich fodder for the 2008 work that we do. That said, it was so nice to be included in ID's 'Design in Spain' issue which highlights the current goings on of a really excellent set of southern euro-designers. On the right is Javier Mariscal. He isn't an 'emerging talent' but rather, a designer with 25 years of excellent work under his belt, and a real inspiration to us at Commonwealth. Here's what design writer, Monica Khemsurov wrote about our Morfina handles in this month's ID Expo:

Handle with Care:

"Zoe Coombes and David Boira, co-founders of the Brooklyn Design studio Commonwealth, had a lot on their minds when they made these door handles: the legacy of Boira's father, the Catalan artist Francisco Boira; the 19th-century painting, "La Morfina," by Santiago Rusinyol; and Gaudi's sculptural door handles originally made for Casa Calvet. But like all of the pair's mesmerizing works, the medium is ultimately the message- cast into bronze from rapid prototyped SLA photoresin, "the Morfina doorhandles are an attempt to pair cutting edge technology with the sensations of an elemental and timeless material" explains Coombes."

- MonicaKhemsurov.


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