Press: Matter Magazine
"While most users of Rapid Prototyping technologies employ these processes as 'tools,' there are a few studios that approach it as a new medium which facilitates a different kind of thinking that was impossible to conceive before these processes came about. Commonwealth, a husband and wife architecture team- F.David Boira and Zoe Boira Coombes, draw intensely from the field of art to execute a vision that is enabled by contemporary tools and embraces a complexity that is difficult to achieve via analogue means.

In short, complexity, intricacy and elegance are the central issues they attempt to evoke from this machine logic. The terms of design are different now, and Commonwealth is trying to communicate that at a very emotional level. Their use of digital design to make material results reinforces the understanding of Rapid Prototyping not merely as a 'new tool,' but more deeply as a material artistic medium."

-Deena DeNaro-Bickerstaffe for Matter Magazine.

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