Book: When Art Meets Space
When Art Meets Space/ When Space Meets Art

from the Introduction:

Event designers are always the storytellers who actualize abstract concept to tangible event design through accurate assimilation of art- like graphic elements in prints, audio and physical installations, with space via spacial settings and interior design. Designing an event is always the creation of a spanking new horizon for you to contemplate and experience."

- Victor Cheung for Victionary.

'On/Off'-, the Maxalot currated exhibition Commonwealth created with Michael C. Place (Build, UK) was featured in this Victionary book cataloging the best in spacial installations. If you get a chance to see this book in person, have a look at the not-often published exhibition of Jamie Hayon's 'Mon Cirque' for Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona and the Tronic installation titled, 'Bloom'.

Pretty Hot. Pretty Hot.

'When Art Meets Space'

Victionary Press. Hong Kong. 2007.

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