NEAR Conference
At the Intersection of Architecture, Nature, Technology 'NEAR- A conference at Pratt Graduate School of Architecture. , March 24-25, 2011

A decade into the new century, technological shifts continue to destabilize our material practices; dangers and opportunities bloom with every innovation. On other fronts, we are waging battles to forestall the collapse of large-scale natural systems. Architecture--which aspires to the difficult convergence of cultural value and built form--seems caught between ecology (nature's systems) and technology. But there is also an optimism and energy that has arisen precisely at this Intersection of Architecture, Nature, Technology. What have been seen as conflicting forces are, in fact, mutually imbricated systems that are moving us toward new freedoms in synthetic regimes. This inaugural NEAR conference focuses attention on seizing opportunities--both theoretical and practical, and some already close at hand--for astonishing collaborations and exchanges between architecture, ecology and technology.

Moderated by David Ruy, Sandford Kwinter, and Philip Parker.

Participants include:

Edward Eigen, Catherine Ingraham, Maria Aiolova, Zoe Coombes, Mitchell Joachim, Jason Kelly Johnson, Lydia Kallipoliti, Carla Leitao, Rhett Russo, Genspace, Terreform One, Bioworks Institute, Chuck Hoberman, Vergelabs, William Myers, Adam Bly, William Macdonald, Jesse Reiser, and Alejandro Zaera-Polo.


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