Surface, Susan.
Edible Geometry. Yale School of Architecture.

We were in love when we saw Susan Surface's drawings for her December review at the Yale School of Architecture. It's the kind of love you know, when you see it.

The funny part is that her professor seems to be an associate partner at Ceasar Pelli's- which if you know the work of Pelli, you also know that it has little to do with this feminine, ephemeral, contemporary (and completely ridiculous!) kind of aesthetic. He must be a very broad, and open-minded teacher- either that or Susan's getting a '#Fail' this semester. We know how it works at Arch. School.

Eitherway, all grades aside- we think her series is genius. The 'drawings' for said 'drawing class' were printed on icing sheets- the kind you use to make those terrible Photo-Birthday cakes, an edible ink on an edible paper, which then got baked into a pretty spray-icinged cake by Miss Surface (yes, dear readers that's her awesomely real name). What was pinned up was a series of photos that are further abstracted by mirroring- using, guess what- mirrors. The control of intricacy, the indulgence of all that is sweet, and the beautiful cracking colors of puffed up, yeast-filled white loaf is what we love about it all.

It reminds us of Greg Lynn's T for Tmagazine this spring- where Greg mirrored a Barbasol backed "T", sliced through the front showing both the precision of the cut and a doubled, voluptuous shaving cream volume in the back. But something about that T felt too all-plastic, too all-composite, and too only 'cold'. Its really not something to have a heated, hateful debate about because we love Greg's work, but just to say that the natural, edible, warm temporality of the cake seems to us to be a beautiful take to the architectural dialogue of soft surfaces. All this by Susan Surface. How appropriate...

See also, Mark Gage's studio at Yale this semseter

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