Fresh Space
"Williamsburg is so over! Did you hear a Starbucks is moving into the neighborhood?"

Well not exactly for those reasons but Cmmnwlth has moved out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan. Our new design studio is very lovely but smaller since we have divided our creative process into two different spaces. Our CNC machine has been relocated ( and yet to be plugged in ) to our friends space at Associated Fabricators. Not only do we have quite similar machines, but the are experts at running these kind of beasts. Whenever we feel the need to go get dirty and run some prototypes you might find some of us in that huge space. From now on our main headquarters will be located at 401 Broadway right in the midst of counterfeit Chanel bags and Chinese lawyers. Its an amazing building and we already fill right in home. The studio's overall aura is also quite different. Long gone are the days of Corian surface tables and 'digi' everything. Don't get me wrong, we depend on this technologies things but there is more to everything than trying to live inside a Stanley Kubrick interior. Most of the furniture in the studio is tough and very very old and somewhat dusty. From a manual drill press to 100 year old drafting table that sits on adjustable pistons, the interior is a total 180 degree turn in our interior sensibility. I personally think this might help to keep the studio a bit more sane. But please, dont think we have totally mellowed out, behind our desks there is a huge piece made by Antistrot which has a pretty insane scenario including Japanese kamikazes, chopped legs and a flying bat!


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