Conference: Design Indaba
David and I are just back from this year's Design Indaba in Cape Town.

What an amazing conference.

The premise of the Indaba is to create an interface between the amazingly conflicted, struggling and energetic community of South African designers, with that of foreign studios and designers (like ourselves). Ravi Naidoo, the South African entrepreneur who is the founder and engine behind the Design Indaba, said once that South Africa doesn't need charity and call centers as its core of its economic engine as much as it needs a competitive, creative culture based here in South Africa. Given the fact that SA has a huge problem retaining its talented young people, many of whom choose to move to the UK and the US, it's not unreasonable that Naidoo's is onto something menaingful. .

Thank you to Jonx Pillemer for many of the images below.


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