Blog: Deru Photoshoot
Sometimes we rent our space out to photoshoots. The floor is concrete and the ceilings are tall. Apparently that, and a hell of a lot of talent, is all you really need to take amazing photos.

The otherday, Timothy Saccenti shot Los Angeles based, Deru for his forthcoming album on Mush records. Have a listen to Deru's sounds on myspace. Pretty sweet we say! Look out for his electronic melody to come streaming out in full-color visual format, courtesy of our favorite photo-dog, Tim Saccenti.

Note the handheld controller of our three-axis CNC mill in the hands of Deru on the left. Below: Deru in our workshop and on the mean streets of Willamsburg. Three photos by Tim Saccenti, of course..

"Its not how good you are, but how good you want to be"

-says Deru's twitter.

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