Blog: Saccenti Photoshoot
We are currently working on two new projects with Timothy Saccenti, the photographer whom we previously collaborated with for WarpRecords.

We like the way his style has been described by Partizan:

"[Tim's] visuals evoke tension by striking a discord between the otherworldly and the familiar while mixing in a dose of humor. Using a palette of exquisite art direction, intense color, and palatial lighting, he paints his subjects as archetypes in their own worlds in a style described recently as 'baroque futurism, with a precise-horror attitude'. -Partizan Motion.

We agree. Hear, Hear!

More information about these two projects soon. For now, here's a vignette of a day we spent with Tim in a, surprisingly located, photo-studio on Spring Street, nyc.

Timothy Saccenti- more about him.

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