Exhibition: GenX 2.0: Beyond the Screen
Generator.x2.0: Beyond the Screen

From the Generatorx2.0 Exhibition Catalogue:

Through the variation of embedded cells, this project explores pattern, tactility, and transparency. The exhibited prototypes are examples of material testing used in the development of a series of tables designed by Commonwealth in 2007.

Where cells become deeper (and reciprocally the skin spanning each cell becomes thinner,) more light is passed through to the table top surface. As the cells become less deep, the graphic effect on the table surface is darker. A 3-axis mill was used to test the process against the material properties of white, semi-transparent Corian, a grain less resin composite. Through minute increments of interconnected cell variation, a graphic gradient is produced.

Scripting, as well as procedural animation techniques provided a means to adapt quickly to both changes in fabrication requirements and desired effects.

Generator X

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