Upstate makers
Last week we had to do a crazy visit to some of our fabricators located a couple of hours away from NYC. After clocking more than 400 miles roundtrip, our friend and awesome photographer, Paul Barbera, had snapped hundreds of pictures that were amazing and hard to choose from. These couple of shots show a little bit how our approach to the studio has changed drastically in the past year and half. In the past, we tried to do everything ourselves from the perspective that no one could achieve the cleanliness we were always after. Lets say we have matured quite a bit on that aspect, and had a reality check in regards to what real craftsman can really do. Not only do we work with amazing people, most of them have more than 30 years experience. It's an amazing and humbling experience every time we visit these real makers. Although it helps that we clocked so many hours on our own 3 axis- at the end of the day, these guys are not playing in the sandbox.

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